What Moms Are Saying...

As a mom of two teenage girls life is pretty hectic and there are many new situations that we come across. Casey has been a fantastic coach to work with. She helps guide me through my thinking, all the time believing that I am the expert in my life. Casey asks the appropriate question at the right time and as a result I have been able to learn more about myself and further my own personal growth. She is always kind and compassionate and most importantly never judgmental in any way. Being a mom herself I know that Casey understands how I’m feeling and I appreciate the empathy this brings to our sessions.

I look forward to working with Casey again in the near future. 

Karen T. Bentonville, AR

Casey has an astute, gentle and caring way about her. I was struggling with trying to find a balance between my job, starting my own business and my family and spent most of my time feeling stressed and guilty. Casey helped me to realize that I needed to be a priority in all my commitments and that a shift in my mindset would make all the difference. After working with her, I was able to relax my self-judgement enough to enjoy moments in my full life and adjust my expectations to a reasonable and achievable level. I couldn’t recommend her more - she’s a great coach!" 

Kecia L. Seattle, WA

Casey is great!  She helped me both clearly define my issues/goals and helped me resolve any issues I was dealing with or reach the goals I was working on.  One thing I particularly like about Casey is her calm, thoughtful manner.  She brings a lot of wisdom and world experience into her practice, while maintaining a great sense of humor.  I highly recommend her as a coach!

Kim H. Tri-Cities, WA

Casey is a perfect combination of listening and intuitive question asking.  She provides a safe space to feel really heard.  As she asks questions she also makes clear observations that get to the issue. She’ll be able to walk w/you wherever you want to go.  And she has a Big Heart as a Mother - she’s been there.

Denise J. Portland, OR

Casey has a deep passion for helping moms break the patterns that keep us from meeting our children where they are, and holds a vision for your most compassionate self. She knows that every mom is doing her best in a world that doesn't support moms nearly as much as it should, and that we all want our children to grow up to be happy, kind, and healthy. She has the patience of a saint and lives her gentle and positive parenting values with her own kids. In working with Casey I was able to make a very powerful shift during our second call. I would highly recommend her as a coach for moms who are overcoming parenting struggles or medical separations from their children, who are trying to use a positive parenting style.


In Grattitude...

It is my passion and joy to help mothers reconnect with their inner selves and challenge the stories that are keeping them from living meaningful and fulfilling lives. Every woman I coach is special and important, and I feel honored to be a part of their support team. Authenticity as a mom can mean contentment without sainthood and purposeful parenting without martyrdom. I am so grateful to be able to do this work and help moms take action to live life with their whole person! You rock mamas!



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