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Whether you have questions, need help deciding which services are right for you, or just want to see if we are a good fit, I'm here to help.

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Frequently Asked

How long have you been a coach?

I started life coaching in 2018. Since then I have received my Whole Person Coaching (2018), ICF ACC (2019), and Jai Institute for Parenting (2021) coach certifications. I am also a trained brainspotting practitioner and devoted student to the coaching and personal development world.

What is Mother Phoenix?

Mother Phoenix, at its heart, is an archetype of resiliency. It's a philosophy, an identity and now a transformational and empowering program for moms to learn how to RISE above the circumstances of their lives that leave them feeling like life is happening to them, not for them. It is also a community of like minded mamas that support each other to Reclaim, Ignite, Surrender, and Embody the life they've always dreamed of.

What is the Odyssey?

An odyssey is a group of phoenixes. It is also the name of my monthly membership where I support moms like you to reconnect with their true selves, create an effective and meaningful self-care routine, find community, and take the steps they need to build a life they love.

How do I decide if the program or membership is right for me?

Everyone is different and will have different support needs. If you are struggling with feeling overwhelmed or beat down by your circumstances and you want to start feeling like a human again, both offerings will help you make changes and start feeling empowered. I am a huge believer in the power of the 10-week Mother Phoenix program and truly believe it will benefit anyone. The membership is great for moms who have overcome obstacles and would like more support rebuilding their lives. My best advice is to sit and listen to your intuition. Ask which one is right for me, and listen. Your soul knows. If you still need help deciding, schedule a free call and we can figure it out together.


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